The application has various useful features available. Some of them are discussed below:


Configure sensor data to be displayed in the web interface, view sensor properties, latest sensor readings and current sensor state.

Custom Views

View sensor location, data and state on user supplied images, with data updates at specified time intervals. Sensors can be placed at specific points on the image and will display relevant data upon clicking on each sensor.


View the selected data series of a single sensor in a simple chart. Charts can be viewed from a certain period (Date and Time), refreshed every 30 seconds - 10 minutes and exported to a Excel format or CSV.

Demonstration Videos

Installations, equipment and demonstrations. You can browse below:

Steenbras Dam Installation

The Steenbras Dam is a mass concrete type dam located near Cape Town in South Africa supplying most of the city's water for much of the first half of the twentieth century. Trimble 4D Control was recently implemented at the dam, which greatly enhanced overall dam management and strategic decision making.

Video provided with thanks to Ian du Toit, Optron Geomatics, South Africa

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